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About US


Infraware Technology is a company with expertise in mobile platform core, application and infra service, and is specialized in platform delivery.
Infraware Technology is working for a better future by delivering its ecosystem across all areas of business, including product development, commercialization and the enterprise system.

About US


Infraware Technology is aiming to promote your sustainable growth based on the state-of-the-art technology.

Our goal is to build a viable business model with our business partners through constant research of our core technology. By continuously moving forward in a virtuous cycle based on the sustainable revenue model, we aim to create the value that will enable the company, shareholders, executives, members and partners to grow together.

Strategy for sustainable growth
  • Win-win management for mutual growth of all stakeholders
  • Mutual respect among members for a cooperative culture
  • Spirit of ceaseless challenge without complacency
  • Achieving the best performance through creative innovation
  • Contribution to social development by fulfilling social responsibility
Vision for the Future
  • Respected and trusted company, as a leader of the market
  • Seeking balance between profit-making and social development
  • Creating a better future through continuous growth

About US




    Android & JAVA Platform
    Mobile AD Platform



    HCI Business
    (Handwriting recognition, voice recognition, electronic dictionary, etc.)

About US


  • Opened TEMBOX service
  • Released Game Turbo
  • Released Family Guard
  • Developed mobile device security S/W for military purposes
  • Developed SKT Smart Accessory Platform
  • Developed SKP App Auto-Verification System
  • Selected as the official advertisement platform business provider for
  • Signed agreement for SKP Verifier development

About US

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Head Office

  • Addr.4F, Bando B/D, 26, Gomurae-ro 10-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul
  • Tel.82-2-6003-8800
  • FAX.82-2-535-0534

R&D Center

  • Addr.6F, Juho B/D, 27, Gomurae-ro 10-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul



By fully supporting 4 business areas so that our business partners can focus on developing their core competencies, Infraware Technology is providing the best business results.

Mobile Platform

Infraware provides a cross-platform/OS environment for applications to function in different platforms. Through this, app developers can expect positive effects such as reduced time-to-market and cost minimization.

Mobile Security

A security solution that enables an active response to increasing mobile security threat, with a lightweight engine that is optimized for the mobile environment and rapid DB updates. The vaccine has been acknowledged for its stability and performance with V-guard solution, which has the largest number of domestic financial companies and stock firms as partners.

Mobile Marketing

A marketing platform for integrated marketing, from app boosting to acquisition and retention of users. It aims for win-win marketing for app developers and users through mutual interaction with users, breaking the boundaries of existing push-type advertisements.

Infra Service

Provides an integrated operation proxy service for various services, including infrastructure construction such as company intranet. Through rapid reduction of the cost and the energy put into infrastructure construction/management, it can maximize the client's business capability.

iNFRAWARE Technology's Main Products
1) PAG: Polaris App Generator
2) PAV: Polaris App Verifier
3) PAI: Polaris App Inspector


Mobile Platform

Polaris App Generator

An Easy way porting Android App to TIZEN

POLARIS App Generator Service is an app conversion service that automatically
converts and provides Android Platform-based applications to TIZEN Platform-based applications without the need for additional development or modification.
With consideration for the TIZEN OS environment, PAG Service converts apps within a short period of time and enables the timely release of apps that fit with the TIZEN Market.
It contributes to revenue maximization through efficiency in the development period and an appropriate response to market.

Time, Cost & Efficiency
Through the instant conversion of existing Android apps to TIZEN apps, it can dramatically reduce the development time and the cost as well as aiding in the timely release of apps in consideration of the environment of the TIZEN market.
Apps converted by PAG Service deliver the same high performance and quality as Original Android-based Apps.
Technical Support and Consulting Service
By providing App consulting for the TIZEN Market and the OS environment, it provides quick, stable technical support so that application developers and service providers can respond appropriately to TIZEN Store.

Polaris App Verifier

문서 원본을 그대로 보여주는 모바일 viewer

POLARIS App Verifier solution is a verification tool that analyzes the operation of Android Application〔APK〕to verify the functions and check for errors or malfunctions of Android Application〔APK〕. Through systematic verification, it supports 24-hour test and iteration tests which cannot be carried out by a human operator. In addition, it simultaneously analyzes multiple devices, enhancing verifiers' efficiency and reducing verification time.

Databasing based on analysis
It reproduces the script which has been created by the verifier in verification on all of the devices to be analyzed, and collects, databases, and analyzes the result, providing high analysis efficiency. The base data by resolution is collected for each app version. As more base data is collected, data accuracy increases.
Auto run analysis engine
Based on the collected analysis base data and execution information, it detects errors. The analysis engine collects and analyzes various information, including screen configuration layout, text, resources, system resources, network process, and call stack. It can detect and report the errors and exceptions that verifiers cannot detect with naked eyes.
Reporting verification result
It reports the verification result and the list of verification status in detail. As the verification result is databased, POLARIS App Verifier provides constant and systematic data management. The report can be optimized and customized according to the verification items and the verifier's requirements.


Mobile Security

Polaris V-Guard

A Fast and Accurate Anti-Virus Solution

Polaris VGuard is a fast and accurate lightweight virus detection solution with proven performance. It is being used in a number of banks and investment firms. With improved pattern-recognition technology, Polaris VGuard can intelligently detect new malware, viruses, and their variations as well as all known threats, with fewer patterns. Polaris VGuard 2.0 enhances many areas of this already-great solution: A lighter database, quicker updates, faster scanning, better variant detection and protection from stealth authorization.

Proven Performance
Polaris VGuard, with its performance and security, is being selected and used by many financial institutions in Korea.
Powerful Scanning
The scan routine has been improved to reduce the time and load of the virus scanning process, up to 10 times faster than similar anti-virus solutions. Furthermore, the real-time protection feature of VGuard protects the system by preventing malignant code from being installed in the background.
Lighter engine and pattern
The light engine and pattern database of VGuard offers better overall performance as well as faster updating. The Java Native Interface (JNI) technology offers a faster, more secure, and lighter engine with a powerful throughput capacity

Polaris FamilyGuard

Remote Cure Vaccine App

Polaris Family Guard is an exclusive vaccine for mobile devices that collectively checks and cures family members' smartphones that are prone to security threats.

Remote Protection of Family Members' Smartphones
Invites family members through SMS and remotely manages (detection and blocking) the connected family app for the safe protection of family members' personal information.
Up to 8 People
Simultaneously Managed
One customer can act as the sheriff for his/her family's smartphones, and manage the devices of parents and children with a single device. The sheriff can also check the family members' smartphone security status via push notification.
Proactive Blocking of Spam
To prevent spam and fraud, it automatically diagnoses suspicious apps on grandparents' and children's smartphones, and proactively blocks security threats.

Polaris App Inspector

Secure Your Android Apps

POLARIS App Inspector solution analyzes the Android application 〔APK〕 to determine whether the application contains harmful code, e.g., virus, malicious code, and information disclosing code, before the application is registered with the AppStore. In addition, it can detect viruses and the use of malicious code that discloses personal or confidential information.

Detecting information
disclosure and malicious
It accurately detects the use, storage, and disclosure of confidential information, including personal information. By analyzing the data based on the behavior, it delivers a highly accurate analysis.
Supporting the automated
run environment
It supports the automated run environment for checking many new apps. With an autorun function that analyzes code and screens, and dynamic analysis to detect possible hazardous factors, it can analyze the apps and extract the result automatically, without human intervention.
Supporting behavior analysis on devices
As it can analyze the app behavior on real devices, as well as on the emulator, the coverage of target apps is expanded. It can take advantage of all of the benefits of app analysis on the emulator, such as various condition changes and fast execution performance on the device.


Markting Service

Polaris AD

Boost Your App

Polaris AD is a reward-based advertisement service in various media that has adapted to the rapidly-changing mobile marketing trend. It provides reasonable and accurate reward-type ads to advertisers, opportunities for additional revenue to media companies, and pleasant value to users through giving rewards. Polaris AD is composed of CPI (Cost Per Install), CPV (Cost Per Video) and CPA (Cost Per Action), and provides reward-based advertisements that are optimized to the needs of service providers.

Powerful App Boosting
through Cross-Promotion
This is the advertisement method of eliciting participation by exchanging mutual user pools of several game companies. As it does not have high costs but has a high participation rate, it leads to effective marketing. With the cross-promotion that has proved to be clearly effective in mobile game marketing, you can lay a foundation to compete against bigger game companies.
High User Retention Rate
Unlike common installation-type app advertisements to increase downloads, it supports various mission-style CPA(Cost per Action) approaches, such as repetitive and multiple missions, to maintain a high user retention rate.
Integrated Analysis Report
It provides an integrated analysis report that makes the overall operation status visible at a glance. Data optimized to cross-promotion including real-time advertisement effects and user statistics by step can be utilized as marketing resources.

Polaris TEMBOX

Win-Win Item Platform for Game Companies and Users

Polaris Tembox is an item mediation service optimized to mobile games. It is a win-win model that allows users to participate in Gacha and pre-order events and receive item rewards, and both game companies and users can benefit from low commission.

Game Company's Profit
It operates with an integrated point system and a lower payment fee (20%) than Google to reduce the costs from commissions. As well, it maximizes the game company's profit through various events that do not incur costs.
Various Payment Methods
Supports various payment methods such as OK Cashbag and GS Point as well as the existing methods of credit card, gift vouchers and small-sum payment with the mobile phone, enhancing the convenience of payment for users.
Spontaneous Viral Effects
In order to increase the effects of Gacha events, it can lead users to promote via SNS and eventually achieve spontaneous viral effects.


Speed Booster for Mobile Game

Polaris Game Turbo is an Android OS-exclusive optimization app that cleans up numerous apps and services running in Android memory though a single touch, and improves the speed of game apps

Automatic List Generation of Mobile Games
When Game Turbo is installed, it automatically adds game apps installed on the user's device to the game list.
Game App Turbo Boosting
When a game is run on Game Turbo, the memory is cleaned up to provide a more optimized playing environment.
Customized Setting of Game Performance Environment
This enables the free customization of phone configuration, and unique phone settings for each game.


Intra Service

Company Intranet

System adapted to work environment for small & medium-sized domestic S/W developers

A system that has been autonomously developed and operated since Infraware's establishment in 1997, it is a system that reflects the requirements of working-level business. Through a systematic interconnection between on-premise systems, information on different systems can be viewed and managed on the intranet system, and work efficiency can be improved with electronic approval and notification features.

Systematic Interconnection
between Different Systems
Systematic interconnection with different systems is enabled with the REST API. For example, you can interconnect with Outlook schedules used at the office and to manage the schedule, or you can interconnect with records from TMS system's such as Trac to manage task logs.
Work Integration
Work and files can be shared through intranet and the overall usability of the system is improved through the unification and integration of the functions required for executing tasks.
Work Process Improvement
The electronic approval and document approval notification features enable a faster work process. It also provides a widget that enables better communication within the organization and a customized information view configuration.

System Operating Service

Providing distinct operation services

The integrated operation service provides the overall infrastructure and consulting that service providers need.Infrastructure: Provides a redundancy-route service, and the isothermal/isohumidity and continuous power supply system to accommodate the customer's system resources.Operation: Provides an integrated operation service to help the customer focus on the service to maximize business performance.

IDC Integrated Operation
This includes colocation, hosting, equipment lease, and operation proxy services. It also provides physical infrastructure services such as redundancy-route service, isothermal/isohumidity service and stable power supply to maximize the customer's focus on business.
Virtualization Service
Virtualization Service provides a Cloud environment to the areas that need computing service, including the client's service, development, testing, etc. at a low cost. It enables quick server installation and distribution, and provides high-performance server infrastructure at a low investment cost.
Additional Services
We provide a variety of additional services to improve the customer's business. (backup, integrated monitoring, security control service, etc.) We aim to employ a number of solutions that can improve the security, stability and convenience of the service and increase customer satisfaction.


Media Gallery

Polaris App Generator (PAG)

Polaris App Generator (PAG)

PAG Tutorial

PAG Tutorial

Polaris App Player

Polaris App Player



This is My POLARIS Office.

This is My POLARIS Office.

The World's Best Mobile Office

The World's Best Mobile Office

Polaris Smartphone Suite Introduction

Polaris Smartphone Suite Introduction

Polaris Smartphone Suite

Polaris Smartphone Suite

올챙이 그림책

올챙이 그림책

삼성출판사 곧은 나무 시리즈

삼성출판사 곧은 나무 시리즈

Palaoo 프리미엄 키즈북

Palaoo 프리미엄 키즈북





Infraware People

Infraware People are challengers with good communication skills, courage and realistic judgment who are comfortable sharing their opinion freely with anyone.


합리적인 소통
인프라웨어人은 업무 및 동료, 고객과의 합리적인 소통을 통해 긍적의 결과물을 만들어 갑니다.
참된 용기
인프라웨어人은 참된 용기로 인프라웨어와 인프라웨어人, 나아가 세상을 즐겁게 변화시킵니다.
인프라웨어人은 새로운 흐름을 정확하게 파악하고 그 흐름에 맞는 도전을 통해 함께 성장합니다.

Career Management System

Dual Career Path

Infraware has the Dual Career Path system.
Through Y-shaped career management, Infraware provides tailored opportunities that satisfy both leaders and specialists.

“Create a culture that recognizes specialists.”

Leaders are not necessarily people who are older than others and are more advanced in their careers. Infraware believes that recognizing specialists strengthens the technological competence of the company.

“Give opportunities to younger people with leadership potential.”

It is true that leadership does require a healthy amount of field experience.
However, that does not mean there is a set amount of experience and age required to become a leader. Infraware wants to give potential leaders an early opportunity to prove themselves.

Special Promotion & Fast Track

As well as the promotion system, Infraware has the 『Special Promotion』 and 『Fast Tracking』 system based on trust in its people.
Infraware values its top talent, and provides employees with a chance to to grow and develop.

Special Promotion
Promotes employees 1 year earlier than
the average number of years of service for promotion
Fast Tracking
Regardless of the number of years of service
and the position, promotes the top talent earlier

Education System

Various education programs are provided to help all employees to pursue their goals.


SHARE - Infraware's Vision & Value

UPGRADE- CDP (Career Developement Path)

  • Leadership Programs
  • Language Programs
  • In-House Programs
  • Professional building Programs
  • Customized Technology Programs
  • Common competencies Programs
  • New/Experienced introductory Programs

Company Benefits

Refreshment Day

As part of creating a happy workplace, Infraware offers an early leave day once per month to improve the quality of life and to recuperate when the employee meets the working conditions.

Benefits for Long-term Employees

Bonus and holidays are given to long-term employees (of 5 or 7/10 years) that allows them to take time off to rest and decompress, and enjoy some quality family time.

Compensation for Duty Invention

We have a compensation plan to elevate R&D desire and manage and use the intellectual property reasonably by protecting and promoting invention among employees. In 2013, we were awarded the Excellent Company for Compensation for Duty Invention award (by the Korean Intellectual Property Office) and the Grand Prix of Patent Management (by the Korea Electronics Association).

Club Support

To recommend hobbies and activities and promote friendship and harmony among employees, we support various club activities.

Compensation for Foreign Language

Employees who excel in foreign languages are selected to receive recognition and rewards for their abilities.

Foreign Language Reimbursement

For self-development and improvement of language abilities, we offer reimbursements for foreign language institutes, e-Learning, and telephone language education programs.

Convenience Facilities

To promote a happy working environment, a refreshment and welfare space was newly opened for employees during the second quarter of 2014. The space consists of a cafeteria, classroom, and Fun Zone for a more interesting working environment.

Infraware Technology

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